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Speedify is a VPN application. The most interesting feature is that it works in the background while you browse, so if you're connected to a WiFi network that's too slow, it will redirect you automatically to your 3G or 4G mobile connection. This way, you'll never even know that something went wrong. Of course, this feature can be a little problematic if it's used too much, so you can set up some daily or monthly limits.

Besides this feature, which is pretty interesting, Speedify offers everything good that a VPN should offer: the ability to access the Internet anonymously and safely. In fact, you can even choose the country through which you want to connect to the Internet.

Speedify is an excellent VPN tool. The free version of the application, as often happens with lots of similar apps, has a limit. For this reason, you can add an annual or monthly subscription directly from the application itself.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher